Due to the shipping ban on vape carts, we will be offering these items for in store purchase/pick up only. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

What do our Premium Delta 8 Distillate and high quality Hemp Derived Terpenes make? Premium Delta 8 Vapes, that's what. What's more, that is all that you will ever find in our vape cartridges.  Vitamin E oil, MCT oil, PG/VG, Hahaha, NO!  Cutting agents have no place in our vape carts. Also, our cartridges are full ceramic, boosting flavor and performance. Third party lab testing verifies our compliance, potency, as well as purity. Our customers agree that our Premium Delta 8 Vapes taste better, perform better, and have more potent effects than our competitors. Due to the Pact Act we can not ship vape carts. You can order online for in-store Pick-up or visit our store to pick yours up today!